In Ink

A few months ago I was sorting out some old art work when I came across a series of old pen and ink drawings I did when I was 22ish. A life time ago.. but seeing them with fresh eyes I wanted to congratulate my younger less confident self., I wish I could of told her these are good.. you can draw.. I sold loads of prints but forgot about them years later. I still have the originals that have turned a bit beige..but so pleased I have them.

Oldie but goodie

So I thought my 49 year old self might give it a go.,, could I really do all that detail again with my old lady eyes…. and less patience… well I could!!luckily my experience and confidence made the drawing enjoyable and the process faster.,

I actually love the technique of pen and ink. It feels really natural.. and I am now exploring new themes and the feedback has been great.. I have already sold some prints and have got a few commissions It’s such a contrast from all the Cloth Ears colourful images but a welcome change…. and I love a bit of change.