Book Launch

After such a busy couple of weeks in my day job, it was time for my book launch.  I

had invited as many friends and family as I could,  I needed their support. I organinsed some marketing materials and painted a large cardboard cutout of cloth ears….. which was really fun to do.  A week prior I had a bit of a paranoia panic….. no-one was going to come…. the book is rubbish… I am a fraud…. that sort of thing.

I booked to have the Launch at the most convenient place possible, the wonderful Tudor building literately next to my house. Tickhill Parish rooms.  It was a ‘cool”,  so I thought, small building, perfect if no one turned up.

Well they did turn up!!! in droves and it was so hot and people queued for ages to get a book signed.  It was amazing

One lovely lady just turned up to buy a book for her little son…. she couldn’t stay she had seen the posts on face book and just popped in to  purchase one. This made my night.  She sent me a image of him redding the book, he loved it!!  magic!

Thanks to everyone who came x


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  1. jonjoirwinhotmailcouk says:

    It was awesome , really proud of you on an amazing achievement .

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